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Friday, November 1, 2013

You Scare Me!

I wonder if there is anyone in the world more afraid of their own shadow than the U.S. Citizen.

With a fair bit of regularity and predictability we read in the News about child after child shooting h/herself or another family member with a loaded gun that was left lying around. And just as predictably people who are commenting on the event wonder aloud why people don't lock up their guns.

Well duh!

When the bad guys that are lurking just outside every American's door, decide to come into your house and rape and kill everyone who's inside, what good is a gun that is safely locked away?

Handguns are for killing people, and you can't kill someone if you don't have your gun handy. It's best to have the gun with full clip and a round in the chamber holstered to your body. Sadly, you can't always do that because the gun might get wet while washing the dishes or it might poke your partner while having sex. So the next best option is to have your weapon lie on the coffee table in the living room, or on the kitchen table, or on the nightstand in the bedroom.

When you're scared of your neighbours, and Americans are terrified of their neighbours, you'll want to have a loaded gun within easy reach. The NRA advises that having a gun in each room of the house is the most sane way to live. Americans seem to believe that.

But what about all the kids that get killed, sometimes by the dozens, when a mentally disturbed person decides to use his assault rifle in the manner it was intended to be used? You know, like at LAX?

Well, according to Americans, dead kids are an acceptable price to pay. All so they can keep their guns ready for when scary people (they're everywhere) come through the door.

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