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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty – 1984

We live in a society that watches murder, and lying and adultery and corruption in all its forms as evening entertainment. We love it. We practically worship it. We certainly pay those who live out these behaviours our highest honours.

Shows like “The Real Housewives of (pick your area) is wildly popular. That is a show that revels in the bottom feeding characteristics of human nature, and we as a society care not a bit. And then comes Duck Dynasty. I've never actually watched an episode, but apparently a lot of people do watch it on a regular basis. I think I heard it's the top rated show on that Network.

I do know this. The show does not put forth human behaviours and thoughts that we wouldn't want our children watching. Unless you're anti hunting I suppose. But let one of the characters express an unpopular thought, and the show is cancelled. Cancelled by the Network! Not because the ratings were bad, but because during an interview one of the characters was asked his opinion and when he gave his opinion people who are afraid of secular bigots, or who are themselves secular bigots decided that this character must be punished for his thoughts.

One person who represented GLADD was outraged – outraged I tell you – that the Bible compares homosexuality to bestiality. He was referring to the Duck Dynasty character's reference to a couple verses in the Bible where homosexuality and drunkenness, and idolatry and yes, bestiality are all listed as practices that will ensure the person does not spend eternity in heaven.

Well, in that passage, homosexuality and bestiality are similar the same way that jay-walking and credit card fraud are similar. The latter are both wrong in the eyes of the civil law code, while the former are both listed in the Bible as sin. 

Which, for what it's worth should not bother heathens and pagans and atheists in the least. If you don't care about God, why should you care about what He says?

This GLADD representative tried to say that the tv show's character has the right of free speech, “while we have the right to turn your show off.” Technically true, but now, because of the secular thought police, those who overlook the show's character's belief while still enjoying the show, can no longer choose to turn the show on. Secular bigots and those afraid of the power these bigots wield, have taken away the right to choose. In reality, secular bigots have made free speech a thing of the past.  

Addicts, adulterers, wife abusers, those who neglect their children or raise them in the most horrendous conditions, those people are still our Stars and tv heroes. But find out that one tv personality holds a politically incorrect belief and he's gone. Not just him but the whole show.

Amazing stuff. You got it right George Orwell. You got it right. 

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