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Monday, July 2, 2012

Alert and Oriented

My cousin runs an Ambulance Company. He said that when they respond to a trauma victim the first thing they ascertain is the level of coherence in the victim. The best is alert and oriented times four. The person knows:
Who s/he is
Where they are
What time of day it is
What happened
As a marriage counsellor, I often encounter clients who are alert and oriented times zero. They’ve forgotten who they are in Christ. They have no idea how close they are losing everything they hold dear. They don’t know how late in the game it is and they have no idea how they got to that point and they don’t know that God allowed it for a reason.
I’ve said before that the suffering and loss and pain that we experience in life and in marriages or other relationships bring to the surface the worst of who we are. In times of stress and difficulty the most repugnant of our characteristics float to our awareness. Allowing or causing suffering and tragedy is God’s way of giving us the opportunity to let Him change who we are. When we see the reflection of who we are, a reflection that is brought to our awareness by difficulties we have one of two avenues. Alarmed by what they see, those in an intimate relationship with Jesus cry out, “Go deeper Lord. Dig it all out. Change me. Heal me. Make me who You want me to be.”
The other avenue that some people take is to embrace the evil; they become the evil. They have the affair, hit the child, call their spouse degrading names, leave the marriage, abandon the children.
Let Jesus raise your consciousness. Let Him bring you back to life. Let Jesus become your Lord and Saviour.

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