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Friday, June 29, 2012

As an atheist, what exactly do I believe?

Like all human communities, atheists form a very curious subgroup. A good example of what makes them curious and at times entertaining is watching them come together to define the term “atheist.” The leaders in the atheist movement have spent literally years holding conventions and meet-ups across North America, debating whether atheism means:
. We do not believe that God exists; OR
. We're non believers in God.

You might blink your eyes and wonder, ‘What’s the difference?' As you’ll see, the wording of what they believe is critical to how atheists try to rationalize in their own minds the odd dichotomy of both:
. Declaring that they won’t believe anything without scientific evidence,
and at the same time,
. Ignoring scientific evidence that doesn't support a world-view of atheism.
The definition of atheists that I use is: 'People who believe that neither Creator God, nor anything Supernatural exists.' Atheists themselves say that there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of Creator God, especially as He is described in the Bible.
When honest atheists allow themselves to consider a whole material universe worth of evidence, that came into existence out of literally nothing material, many atheists have had the integrity to admit that the evidence shows shows that a Deistic God “may very well exist, “But not a theistic God; especially not the God of the Bible.” So determinedly focused are atheists on getting rid of Jesus as God incarnate that Shwoosh! Right over their heads goes the fact that if a supernatural Creator of any faith or no faith exists, One that has set in place the laws of physics and the finely tuned constants and quantities that allow our universe and our very lives to exist, then atheism is wrong.

This is not some silly game of semantics. How the world is matters. Either this is a theistic universe or an atheist universe and if a Creator exists, and One does, then atheism is a world-view that is just flat out wrong.

The most precious part of atheists is this. They start with, “I don’t believe anything unless it’s proven by the scientific method of knowing.” But when science based knowledge strikes at the very heart of their world-view? “Well, it’s just science. Science is quite capable of being wrong.”

That's why they spend years coming up with an acceptable definition of the term, “atheist.” With just the right wording an atheist can say, “You see, if I'm simply a “non believer in God” as opposed to “believing God doesn't exist,” then I don't need evidence to uphold my “non belief.””

These word games are consistently played in atheist-world to maintain equilibrium in an unbalanced belief system.
From “Trolling for Atheists”

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