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Friday, August 9, 2013

Divine Genocide

That's what atheists call God's Judgement of Canaanite society. Hmm.
There is a News story taking place as I type this. Parents in Pennsylvania whose child died of pneumonia are on trial for failing to provide medical help for their son. They prayed (I assume for healing) instead. As horrible as that is, this was the second child of theirs who died from their decision to reject medical attention and rely on prayer. They are being charged with Murder.
People are outraged, indignant, up in arms at what these parents have done. Or not done, as is the case. There is no evidence (yet) that these parents are negligent in any other way. They feed and clothe and provide education for their children. But then there's this other issue. Children who get sick in that household are in danger – grave danger.
So here we have most people (especially atheists) rightfully angry at this couple who really did nothing to “cause” the deaths of their children. It's that they didn't do anything to prevent their death.
Atheists want these parents brought to Justice.
On the other hand, when atheists read of people in the Bible (not just one or two people but society as a whole) who sacrificed their children as live burnt offerings, something odd happens.
. In this case atheists support the parents!
. Their outrage is turned toward the One who brings these parents to justice.
If you find this seeming hypocrisy and inconsistency odd, you shouldn't. The world-view of atheism itself is absurd, inconsistent and incoherent. It's hard to say whether this manner of thinking leads people to accept atheism, of if the world-view of atheism leads to this type of thinking.
When it comes to the Bible, atheists typically say that nothing in the Bible can be believed. They say that the historical accounts in the Bible are contrived and totally fabricated. This is a line of thought found on the majority of atheist blogs.
That Creator God does not exist is of course the foundation of atheism.
Yet, when the chance comes to rant and rage at this God that atheists don't believe in:
. The Biblical accounts suddenly become accurate
. God suddenly exists
. And parents who sacrifice their children as live burnt offerings are suddenly supported while God is condemned for holding them accountable for their atrocities.

That's the pattern of illogical thinking that seems to draw people to atheism.

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