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Monday, August 12, 2013

What is Faith?

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not yet seen.”

That of course is what “Christian” faith is.

Atheist faith is something else altogether. Atheist faith is the belief in something unproven, unseen, untested, unverified, but which is believed anyway. Those who hold to atheism live by faith even to the point of being willing to believe until one's dying day that at some point in the future, science will reverse what it knows today, and the world-view of atheism will be proven correct.

Atheism's faith is blind faith.

What's worse is that atheists base their beliefs not only on that which is unproven, but on those things that the scientific method of knowing itself says cannot happen. Atheists persist in holding their faith in the teeth of evidence that goes against what they want to believe.

As I've said in my post, Why I'm Not an Atheist, “Except for epistemic, experiential, logical, coherent and reasonable evidence for the existence of God, I could be an atheist.”

Christians on the other hand possess a confidence, based in experience and reality, that we will receive what we hope for. Our faith is an unshakeable confidence that comes to us by the Spirit of the living Creator. 

Yes, science supports our beliefs. It can't not support what we believe because Creator God is the origin and founder of the scientific laws that we observe acting upon matter; matter that was brought into being out of literally nothing material. 

However, even without scientific knowledge we could not deny what we know. We could not deny what we know because we are indwelt by the Spirit of the living and true God Who has convinced us that Jesus will do what He has promised to do.

God's has made His existence so undeniable, indisputable, irrefutable – to us - that to deny His reality would be similar to denying that my wife and children exist. It can't be done.

Hebrews 11:1 can be translated, “Now faith is the assurance, the substance, the reality, the confirmation, the being sure of, the substantiating, the confidence, the solid ground, the evidence of, the trust in God, the only guarantee of things hoped for.” 

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