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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

He Got Away With Murder

Has that ever happened to you? 
Some have. 
Barabbas did. 
What’s worse, Barabbas went free so that an innocent man would die in his place. 
I wonder if that fazed Barabbas at all. I wonder if he felt any guilt at all. I wonder if you feel any guilt that an innocent Being, your Creator in fact, died in your place.
Does it bother you that He knows you so well that His sacrifice to pay for your sins was part of His plan all along?
Or do you, like Barabbas, scoff at this gift and run the other direction?
We, you and I killed the Lamb of God - perfect, sinless, innocent. And yet, for only admitting that we did this, not just a confession but a Just confession will set us free.
Jesus will literally let us get away with murder and like the thief on the cross, He will bring you safely home to live in paradise with Him.
Not too bad a deal if you ask me.

It makes me wonder, “What kind of a person would pass up a deal like that?”

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