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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ah, The Atheist Utopia Grows

It creeps and claws its ugly tentacles into every sphere of life. In the Netherlands, a leader in Godless society, death by design has grown in popularity (almost 20%) every year for the last six years. So full of meaning and purpose (he says sarcastically) are the lives of atheists, that 5% of all deaths in the Netherlands are now people choosing to end their lives. 

That's not counting the unassisted suicides.

Mobile teams of those willing to deliver death (Levenseinde), roam the neighbourhoods, taking the lives of those whose physicians have refused to cross this line for reasons other than terminal illness. Newborns with disabilities, adults with depression, even chronic pain is enough to make atheists and functional atheists believe that this life is just not worth it.

Those who see euthanasia as the panacea to our social ills either can't see or wish to not see that our right to die today will lead directly to our Duty To Die tomorrow. As the population ages, as resources become increasingly scarce and as the fact that life without God really doesn't allow for an earthly existence of meaning and purpose, death will become the expected outcome for those requiring almost any type of extra health care.

Do you want to know what's coming to North America? Just watch the social experiment taking place in Nations where atheists lead people away from Creator God and toward human wisdom. The inevitable fascination with and longing for death goes hand in hand with atheism. 

Did I say the tentacles of atheism claw their way into every area of life? Just ask the wife of a man whose morality is based upon desire, about the atheist utopia.

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