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Monday, January 6, 2014

Progressive Colorado

As they say, “Reality is for people who can't handle drugs.” And there are a lot of people who avoid reality at all cost. The solution?

Legalize Pot > Reduce Crime > Heal Society

And when the cost of avoiding reality is simply a willingness to inhale the smoke of what is essentially a health inducing plant, why would you do otherwise? In fact, smoking Pot is such a healing way to face life, even motherhood is improved while under the influence. Colorado will soon be the best State in which to be a child.

So say the State's drug addicts.

I saw four women (mothers) on CNN awhile back. These mothers were being interviewed by Piers Morgan, and they were singing the praises of smoking dope. This shouldn't surprise. Drug addicts always speak highly of their drug of choice. These women swear up and down that smoking dope makes them better mothers. And it got me to thinking. Just how crappy a mother do you have to be, that being stoned on Pot (a drug that in many ways makes you experience reality like a schizophrenic) makes you a better parent?

. Just how addicted does a person have to be to rationalize driving your child to day-care while impaired by marijuana? If you say you aren't impaired by marijuana, you're either smoking the worst weed ever grown or you're a flat out liar. 

Which leads to the age old question: How do you know if a drug addict is lying? If her lips are moving. 

. Just how addicted does a person need to be to think that ingesting all the carcinogens of tobacco plus a whole host of new ones (have you ever seen a cigarette ooze tar?) is a good idea to model for your children?

. Just how crappy does your reality have to be that you need to use drugs that turn your soul to ice.
. And just how pathetic is your emotional life that you'll believe that drug induced feelings of love are the real thing?

Nevertheless for many, Colorado is seen as a progressive state. It's ending a foolish War on Drugs that wastes money and lives. This is accomplished by simply making that which was once against the law, legal. It makes perfect sense. And as many would logically intuit, it's good as far as it goes, but it obviously doesn't go far enough. Obviously we must now legalize cocaine, and heroin, and meth. And don't forget about Ecstasy. Organized Crime makes a bunch off Ecstasy. And why should gangs make money off of prostitution and human trafficking and slavery? Legalize that crap and reap the benefits of taxation from it.

If we are to ever stand a chance of putting criminals out of business, we must decriminalize what criminals are doing. Just think of all the schools and hospitals and roads and dams that could be built if the government took control of and taxed these harmless forms of seeking pleasure.

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