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Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm Afraid of Jesus

You wouldn't believe the number of Christians who are scared of Jesus. Sure, they've prayed a prayer asking for forgiveness, and they've maybe even been baptized. But do they “follow” Jesus? Do they do what He says regarding relationships and money and issues of integrity? Nope. And you know why? It's too scary. They're afraid of what He might ask of them.

I get that. Been there, done that, as people used to say.  If you haven't tried stepping out in faith, if you haven't trusted Jesus enough to obey Him, then you don't know from experience that He is good. Not safe, as C.S. Lewis would caution, but He is good.

You see, Jesus asks us to die to self. He asks us to turn our backs on what the world says we can't live without. He asks us to trust Him. Sadly, many, perhaps even most of those who call themselves followers of Jesus trust the world's vision of security and value rather than trusting their Saviour. But think about this!

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave Him up for us all—how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?
Romans 8:32

Seriously? You think we can't trust our Lord, Creator and Saviour? He's held nothing back. He's paid the price for our sins at His own expense. You don't need to doubt the love of someone whose own blood has been spilled for your good.

. So, what if you stopped worrying about whether Jesus is going to make your life difficult? Life IS difficult regardless of whether you're a Christian or not. As the saying goes, "In this life you will suffer. You will either suffer with Jesus or without Him. 
. So, what if you allowed yourself to realize that just on the other side of what Jesus asks of you lies a life that's better than you ever imagined? Jesus and the presence of His Holy Spirit changes suffering into something that cannot destroy us. 
. So, what if just on the other side of your fear lies a life that is full and abundant beyond description? 
. And then, what if you acted upon that belief? How would your life be different? I can tell you how it would be, and so can millions of others who have taken this step. Casting all your anxieties upon Jesus creates the most amazing life possible.

Jesus longs to give us a good life. He died to give us the best existence possible.
You know at a fundamental level that what the world offers stands no chance of delivering on its promises. You know that. So what are you waiting for? What have you got to lose? Take hold of Jesus' hand and with eyes wide open step into a life of obedience. To trust and obey is not a leap in the dark. Rather it's a step into the light. 

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