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where moth and rust cannot destroy and thieves cannot break in and steal

Monday, March 3, 2014

Into the Dark

I can recall at least half a dozen countries this winter that experienced a million or more people without power due to seasonal storms. That's a lot of physical discomfort. That's a lot of money spent on recovery efforts.

You think that's bad?

At any given time on this planet, there are several billion more people living in spiritual darkness with a corresponding level of misery and suffering as a result. Trillions of dollars in needless spending is required by our governments to deal with the results of the behaviours that come from spiritual darkness.

Trending forward does not look encouraging.

Forty years ago in North America roughly 80% of people said that Jesus was important to them. Roughly 20% said that sports were important to them. Today that figure is almost exactly reversed.

If we don't worship Jesus, we WILL worship something else.

Two Sundays ago was the Olympic Gold Medal Game in men's hockey. Canada vs. Sweden. The day before the game I heard on TSN, “If Canada wins, it'll be a great reason to get drunk Sunday morning.”

Now there's something to live for (sarcasm).

So important are mood altering chemicals to the lives of those who reject Jesus, that the liquor laws were changed in Saskatchewan so that Sports Bars could open at 5:00am Sunday morning so alcohol lovers could congregate to watch this hockey game.

Priorities of those who reject Jesus are profoundly disheartening. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there you will give the greatest among of time and energy and monetary resources.”

Some day, everything you see will be in the dump, rusted, rotted, useless. Yet those are the things that are important to those who live in spiritual darkness.

Where is your treasure?

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