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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Human Will

Are we at the mercy of our chemicals exchanges? Are we driven by a Selfish Gene? Do we have free will or are we robots?
According to Jesus, neither the elect nor those destined for hell have had their free wills removed. Rather the will of humans is either left in its rebellious state or it is changed to a will that is predisposed to accept the reality of Creator God. And whether we accept or reject the evidence for Creator God, our will is then assisted  toward one destination or the other.

It is God who converts bad wills into good ones. Both types of people, within the context of who they are, choose this over that, this one and not the other, evil or good depending on who God has made them. Those who reject God truly believe they are somehow free because, well, they are not under the spell of God. Wrong. Read Romans 9:22-23. Whether we are part of God’s family or part of those upon whom God’s wrath remains, it is the doing of our Creator and it is within that frameworks that our free will operates. The guilty cannot complain because they are in fact, guilty and the forgiven cannot brag because it is God who has chosen to forgive.

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