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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness

I think the American Constitution has a line about that in it somewhere. It’s a good idea IF (and I think it was Jefferson who said as much) the populace pursues happiness within the context of Christian morals, values and obligations. If that is not the case, then we find a world with relationships moving in the direction that we now see - dysfunction, breakdown, violence, alienation and willful isolation.

In fact, the pursuit of happiness, or following our desires has become the be all and end all of what people call a “good life.” But how can we survive when we’ve come to see others only as agents meant to serve us and our desires? This is exactly the opposite of what Jesus says is our main goal on earth, to love God and to love others As He Loves Us.

How are men and women to love / serve each other when society says that just the opposite is the goal; that pursuing happiness, even outside of the marriage is right and good? How can we be devoted to one another when pursuing a better deal somewhere else has become the right and duty of every citizen? How are we to be devoted to each other when our partner is just one of many possible alternatives? No wonder marriages are failing. No wonder children are being abandoned by the millions.

The pursuit of happiness is indeed a wonderful thing IF that pursuit takes place within the guidelines that our Creator has placed before us.

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