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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bieber Calls Americans Evil

Honestly? I think he was joking. It can be fun to poke Superman in the eye. We know Americans aren’t any more evil than anyone else - which means - quite a lot. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that Americans aren’t inherently different from Canadians like Bieber.

For what it’s worth, Wendy and I took the kids to the Bieber movie yesterday. One Hundred ($100.00) dollars for five kids and two adults. And that’s on cheap Tuesday! And that’s sharing drinks and popcorn!! I know, it’s our own fault for having so many kids but still . . .

Back to how Canadians and Americans are different.

The main difference is that Americans have a deep distrust of their government. I don’t know what percentage it is but it seems like many, if not most Americans have this crazy idea that their government might lie to them from time to time.


In Canada we have no such fears. We know our government lies to us. In fact, we’d be surprised if they didn’t lie to us. That our government manipulates us with truthy statements is taken for granted and we move through life taking this fact into account.

We aren’t shocked when a Member of Parliament cheats on h/her spouse.
That’s what corrupt people do!

Didn’t pay their taxes?

Took bribes?
Yes, and?

Oh sure, this one or that one might have to resign h/her post for a really big crime, but Canadians don’t feign surprise that the sin of another person has been found out. It’s who we are and we accept that. There is no delusion of a moral majority existing in Canada.

And for those few noble souls who get into government for reasons other than to promote their own agenda and line their own pockets, the tidal wave of corruption that flows from the majority swamps their efforts to do the right and avoid the wrong, so the result is the same.

We up the taxes to pay for the leakage and life goes on.

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