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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Risen When?

Jesus said, “Know that I Am with you always, right up to the end of time.” (Matthew 28:20).

. If Jesus resurrection is just something that happened two thousand years ago, it has no real power for the present.

. If Jesus resurrection is just something that we experience at some point in the future, it has no lasting impact on the present.

However, if as G. K. Chesterton once told a reporter, Jesus is standing right beside me and behind me and in me and through me, then today takes on a whole new and powerful perspective.

. Jesus is risen now! He never leaves me. He never gives up on me. "I can lie down and sleep in peace because You alone O Lord make me dwell in safety."

. Jesus is risen now! Because of that I can at times reach through the “thin places” and almost touch the reality of the other side where Holiness exists in all purity and power.

Jesus is risen and, as Augustine once said, “Exists in a state that is more intimate to me than I am to myself.”

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