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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Hitchens Still Alive?

I sometimes go a few days without checking the news, so not sure, is the man of double-speak still around? I say double-speak because Chris is the man, I think, who said that religion poisons everything - just as though every philosophy or world-view other than religion is good. That is in fact what he wants you to believe. This, even though empirical evidence shows that most of the violence and death and atrocity from the 20th century was generated by movements that were distinctly secular - AND - there is no reason to expect any change in this century even with radical Islam rising.

Richard Dawkins has said, “Individual atheists may do evil things but they don’t do evil things in the name of religion.” Bull! The atheists that did the greatest amount of evil in the 20th century did so because their atheism spawned a seething hatred for religion as demonstrated by Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Honecker, Castro, Ho, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Kim, Ceausescu and virtually every atheist that blogs about religion. The point of their agendas is, ‘Religion is harmful. Get rid of it and everything will begin to move toward civil society.’

Marx and Engels put it bluntly, “Abolish all religion and all morality.”

The fallacy in the belief that peace will reign if religion is dismantled is seen in the fact that in the Chinese invasion of Tibet, the October Revolution, the Russian Civil War, the Sino-Indian War, the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia, the Chinese Civil War and other conflicts around the globe that have killed 100 million people, religion is nowhere to be seen, except as a target for the violence, while atheism is front and centre. Richard Dawkins simply cannot bring himself to admit that atheism was the driving force from which atheists, directing governments made up exclusively of atheists was obsessed with spreading anti-God propaganda, and specialized in the murder of millions upon millions upon millions of believers. Atheist Soviet rulers systematically and efficiently destroyed the majority of churches and killed the majority of religious leaders during a period from 1918 - 1941. This was not individual atheists perpetrating evil. This was individual atheists doing evil in the name of atheism. They were perpetrating evil, all according to the atheist agenda to eliminate religion from society.

To be fair, tremendous evil HAS been done by religious people.
To be fair, none of the evil that has been done can be supported by the teachings of Jesus.

The influence of Jesus in people’s lives produces the opposite of evil and if you are seeing a pattern of evil in someone’s life then you are not seeing a follower of Jesus.

“Belief that you are accepted by God by sheer grace is profoundly humbling. The people who are fanatics, then, are not so because they are too committed to the Gospel, but because they are not committed enough. Think of the people you consider fanatical. They’re overbearing, self-righteous, opinionated, insensitive, and harsh. Why? It’s not because they are too Christian but because they are not Christian enough. They are fanatically zealous and courageous, but they are not fanatically humble, sensitive, loving, empathetic, forgiving, or understanding - as Jesus was. What strikes us as overly fanatical is actually a failure to be fully committed to Jesus and His Gospel.”
Tim Keller

A man as brilliant as Hitchens should know that it’s we - humans - that poison everything, including religion. His bigotry causes him to direct his rage toward religion and give all other forms of thought, including the one most guilty of death a pass.


  1. Provide references for your data, are you joking?

  2. "Marx and Engels put it bluntly, 'Abolish all religion and all morality.'"
    Where the hell did they write that? In your dreams, I suppose.
    As for your thesis that it's the Atheists - or rather, secularists who sacrificed millions of people - you mentioned 100 millions, and later millions upon millions upon millions of believers, it's not quite clear if these are included in your earlier estimate.
    Now, each and every war between ca 1500 BCE and 1918, each Colonial war, all the wars connected with the Islamic conquest of North Africa, Spain, the Balkans and Asia minor and proper was fought and led by believers. Add the civil war in India, the independence war in Bangladesh, and of course Vietnam, the gulf wars, and the Iran/Iraq war to the believer's side. How dare you, standing on a planet-sized pyramid of skulls, point to secular governments of the 20th century as especially war-mongering!
    And, by all means, how can you list the liberation of Cambodia from the reign of terror of the Khmer rouge as "unjust" terror. That's disgusting.