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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deceitful Beyond Understanding

“The heart is desperately wicked. Who can understand it?”

Both the Old and the New Testament speaks of the complete and hopeless corruption of the human soul. It is the source of all our world’s problems (atheist bigots would like to just pick a group of people and blame them). From the dawn of history, we have seen that if we ignore this fact, all attempts to solve the world’s problems and to bring peace to the world will end in failure. To ignore the fact of our wicked and deceitful heart is only fooling ourselves.

Actually, that is what deceitful means. To say that our problems stem from a lack of wealth, or a lack of education, or a lack of freedom or the lack of clean drinking water or the lack of access to proper birth control or the presence of Christians or the lack of proper medical care or anything else is deceiving ourselves.

Deceitfulness within this context means that we are believing wrong thoughts and behaviours about what contributes to our problem. Therefore any effort to fix the human dilemma with outside influences (leaving the inner man untouched) will also entail wrong efforts, thoughts and behaviours.


  1. More failed mind-reading: "atheist bigots would like to just pick a group of people and blame them".

    You have no examples of this. You had to make stuff up and demonize people to try to bolster your point.

    In an article titled "deceitful beyond understanding", no less. C'mon already.

    My issue with people like yourself has nothing to do with your religion; it's because you appear to be a dishonest hypocrite.

    Let's try to agree on something: I won't tell you what you think or opine on, and you show me the same respect in return, okay?

  2. Oh, I just read through a bunch of your posts from the past couple of months, and read your discussions with Hugo, so I see that your failed mind-reading is not something new.

    Therefore, I doubt my comment above will really change anything.

    I am curious, though... why do you engage in this? It's clear that you have no idea about the points of view on these subjects that is held by the average non-believer, so why do you keep saying what they think?

    It's a psychology that I see in many other evangelists (such as Ray Comfort, Steve Sanchez, "Righteous" Richard, Tony "The Lawman", etc.). Is there a particular reason why you do this?

    From my point of view, I would be embarrassed to tell someone else what they think or believe or what their opinions are, because I think it's hypocritical (because I don't like it when people do it to me) and because I think my chance of being incorrect when doing so is far too large.

    But, that's me.

  3. You have no examples of this."

    Are you kidding me? When reading atheist blogs, what other group of people, besides the religious do atheists blame for the world's problems?

    "It's clear that you have no idea about the points of view on these subjects that is held by the average non-believer"

    I have never written anything that I haven't heard from at least two atheists. Should I then phrase it, "some atheists say," vs. "atheists says," perhaps, either way is correct.

    Dishonest and hypocritical"

    Nohm, everyone on earth is dishonest and hypocritical. Next to anger dishonesty was one of my worst traits prior to becoming a Christian. It may have moved into first place, although anger is still an issue.

    As for hypocrisy, I wouldn't mind you giving me an example of how I'm hypocritical. This should be easy since you would never falsely accuse someone since you don't like to be falsely accused.

  4. Re: hypocrisy: you write an article called "Deceitful Beyond Understanding", where you are dishonest about people you quite clearly do not understand.

    Such as your failed mind-reading that I pointed out above.

    You claim that you see atheists saying this, yet you do not make any references or source any quotes.

    But this is all a moot point now. I didn't realize that you were the atheophobe otherwise known as "MAKARIOS".

    So... that answers any questions I might have about your honesty or way of viewing non-believers. We have interacted before, a while ago, and your bizarre views on the opinions of atheists hasn't appeared to change.

    Dusting my feet off now. :-)

  5. How is that hypocrisy? Have I ever said to you or anyone that I'm an honest person? Have I ever said to you or anyone that I'm without sin? Have I ever tried to portray myself as someone who is better than anyone else?

    Or is that your atheist bigotry that causes you to think Christians believe they're better than other people?

    Nohm, we become Christians because we know and admit that we're NOT good people. We know and admit that we need forgiveness because our hearts ARE desperately wicked.

    You didn't become a bigot because you misinterpreted the facts. You misinterpreted the facts because you're already a bigot.