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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Is There Something?

Now atheists, at least the educated ones know that matter has not, does not and cannot exist eternally, infinitely. The existence of matter; the coming into being of matter is time bound. Therefore, educated atheists know that we have two options:
. Either matter is eternal (not) or
. The immaterial Cause of matter is eternal.

All atheists, both the educated and the "brute beasts" as G.K. described, will spend the rest of history trying to prove that there is a third option.

In the meantime, knowing they're down to one option that refutes their blind faith, atheists are forced to say with as straight a face as possible, At one point there was nothing, and then for no reason, nothing magically expanded, and then there was everything, and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into living self-replicating bits and with lots and lots of time plus impossible luck - here we are.” The absurdity is so profound that centuries from now, if humans are still around, I’m certain that they’ll be laughing at the credulity of 21st century secular humans.


  1. No one can take a stance from this planet and say absolutely they know the truth, because no one has gone past the moon, you can't take a stance and say you know the truth from a book of speculation written by insane uneducated people over 2000 years ago.

  2. What a fascinating false dichotomy you present, Thesauros.

    I'll ask: have you ever actually met an atheist in person?

    Honest question.

  3. . Either matter is eternal (not) or
    . The immaterial Cause of matter is eternal.

    This is a false dichotomy? Give me a third option.

    Have I met an atheist? Many. I had two working for me for several years before I retired. I live next door to one and across the street from two more.

  4. Third optioin: "I don't know"

    You might have *met* an atheist at some point in your life, but you certainly don't seem to have ever understood any.

    As I said before, you have bizarre views on the opinions of atheists. Utterly bizarre.

  5. Fourth option:

    Due to E=mc^2, the matter was energy, which itself was eternal.

    Fifth option: A god created a bunch of gods who made the various parts of the universe (hey, if you're making up answers, I should be able to also, right?).

  6. No you're wrong, neither matter / energy cannot be eternal or infinite. How can you not know this?

    The universe came into being ex nihilo. At one point there was literally nothing material - including matter in the form of energy. It is not a false dichotomy!

    "As I said before, you have bizarre views on the opinions of atheists."

    So are we to assume that the things I've quoted from atheists were just lies on their part?

    If I take your comment (which I've heard before from other ignorant atheists) and say that "atheists believe that the material infinite does exist," is that wrong? Are you telling a joke? Are you trolling and purposely saying something wrong to get a reaction? Or is it your atheist bias that won't allow you to accept reality?