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Monday, October 17, 2011

Try This!

Go to this website.

Type in your annual income and let them do the rest.

We really are living in a global village. The 25,000 children who are dying every day are dying right next door. They're dying not because there aren’t enough medical resources to save them; and it’s not because there isn’t enough food to feed them. Those kids are sitting virtually at our front door with their hands out. All we have to do is reach out and give from our abundance.

Empirical evidence shows that we don’t. If only one person in ten of those in North America who calls h/herself an evangelical Christian adopted one of the kids who need a home in Canada and the U.S., every last child would have a home. Instead we’d rather accumulate stuff to the point that cars are parked on driveways because two and three car garages are filled to overflowing with things. Houses are so full of possessions, that renting storage units is a multi-million dollar business in North America.

Children are dying because we don’t give a rip! We love beached whales more than fellow humans. The latter we throw in bio-hazard bags by the millions.

Atheists blame the God they don’t believe in for all the suffering in the world. Reality shows beyond a doubt that the root of suffering lies with us and us alone.

We’re greedy and corrupt to the core.

God does exist and there is going to be hell to pay for the suffering that we allow and sometimes even cause.
May God have mercy on our souls.

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  1. So your god lays blameless for nothing???

    If the christians had lived like they claim to live, "love thy neighbor as yourself" then we would be living along with the Indians in harmony, why do you think only Indians can have casinos, because of the mistreatment and murder from the white christians.