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Friday, December 21, 2012

An Atheist's Faith

An atheist's faith in the myth of human progress is every bit as strong as the Christian's faith in the existence of Creator God.
Despite a tremendous preponderance of evidence showing that the atheist's faith in the human ability to heal ourselves is unfounded, that faith persists in greater numbers of delusional men and women every year. 
Despite the deepest wishes of atheists, there has not been one iota of change in human nature since our thoughts and behaviours were first recorded.
Failure to recognize this fact allows the atheist's faith in the human ability to solve our financial, social and environmental problems to continue unabated. Sadly that faith is based upon a theory that leaves out THE key factor for ensuring our ultimate failure to make any meaningful progress. 

Human nature – sinful human nature – a nature so corrupt that the very institutions that atheists say will protect us from repeating past financial collapse are the same institutions that have once again brought us to the brink. Only dumb luck caught the perpetrators in time - maybe. An inherent  selfishness may yet push us over the edge.

The atheist's faith in materialist rationalism is ill founded to say the least, yet where else is an atheist to look for help? 

Thankfully, Jesus came to earth to save us from ourselves. 
There is reason for hope.
There is personal progress to be experienced.

Merry Christmas
God Bless
Happy Holy Days

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