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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Humans – You Just Gotta Love em

The power and influence of American culture reaches around the globe. That is no less true north of the 49th.

We in Canada have no Constitutional statement like the one upon which atheists in the United States have performed a desultory operation. Nevertheless, thoughts on the Separation of Church and State have crept into our own society, into our own Elementary School. Multiculturalism (which is a good thing if you know where the dangers lurk) has caused us to consider what life might be like for others.

Canadians of course aren't nearly as litigious as Americans. No one is. Atheists in the U.S. drive Jesus the Christ from schools and any other public sphere by brute force. They'll even pretend to be sick or suicidal if they have to. Anything to remove the mention of their Creator from their line of sight. We in the Great White North put Jesus in a back room and out of sight not because we fear being sued, but because we're trying to be nice. Here's an example.

In the school that my children attend, Christianity has been traditionally and heavily promoted. That was the case until about ten years ago. Our community of ~ 1,800 is 15 minutes from a city of 250,000. It's 10 minutes away from a city of 5,000, and it's five minutes away from a city of 7,000. The building of houses is taking place at a furious pace as new commuters move into a place they believe will be safer for their family.

Of course many if not most of these “new” people would tick off, “no religion” on the now very popular polls that are tracking who has the most people on their team. Having the most people is supposed to mean something important although I'm not sure anyone could describe exactly what that important thing is.

Even though the current school children are still highly represented as coming from Christian homes, the decision has been made to do everything possible to avoid conflict or hurt feelings. In truth, a staff of teachers who 15 - 20 years ago almost all used to willingly attend a mid-day Bible study are now made up of mostly pagans and atheists. Therefore, if the account of Christ's birth is to be celebrated (Christmas), Kwanzaa and Hanukkah and Santa must also be celebrated.

This is where the humour begins. Besides two “Christian” women who feel compelled to follow Jewish dietary laws, there is not a Jewish person in town and by extension there are no Jewish children attending the elementary or high-school. Nor, I assure you is there anyone who is deeply into Kwanzaa.

What's my point? Good question.

When Kwanzaa and Hanukkah were introduced about six years ago, celebrating the birth of Jesus - the Christ - the reason that Christmas in the form that atheists cannot tolerate, was also part of the festivities. However each year there was an incremental decline in the focus on Jesus that was directly proportional to the increase in a focus on Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and oh, ya, I forgot, Santa.

This year?

We've got Kwanzaa and Hanukkah and Santa and nothing of the birth of Messiah Jesus.

Humans. We are a funny lot. Particularly we Christians. Gullible to the core. The organizers of these movements know the endgame well in advance. They coerce for same sex relations and as soon as that's in, every other type of sexual coupling is thrown in for good measure. That was the plan all along. We Christians look at that and wonder, “How did that happen?” We say, “Sure Jesus can share the celebration of His birth with other beliefs,” and whoosh, Jesus is gone and the celebration of everyone and anyone is in.

Humans – You Just Gotta Love em

Merry Christmas
God Bless and
Happy Holidays.

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