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Saturday, December 22, 2012

David Silverman Rips a Page

Atheist leader David Silverman seems to not care that his tactics and those of his fanatical followers are blatantly copying the very tactics of Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin. The attempts of American Atheists to rid the West of Christianity are like watching a blow by blow accounting of atheist Russia hardly a generation ago. Silverman and Greta Xtina and company are using the same language, working towards that same dreams, and appealing to the same type of people as Russian atheists did in the 20th century.

For example Russian atheist leaders:
. Attempted to create a society that was the opposite of a faith in God. Rather it was a faith in Human ability. Ring a bell Hugo?
. Told children and adults that what science couldn't explain didn't need explaining.
. Schools were totally secularized. Religious teaching of any kind was forbidden.
. Outlawed any teaching of Christianity to children under 18 – not in the school, not in Church, not in the home, not anywhere. It was considered abusive.
. Taught children that science can do what God cannot
. Held conferences where the key topic was how to combat religion.
. Launched advertising campaigns of anti-religious propaganda
. Established “Unions of the godless”
. Mocked Christmas and Easter as having been stolen from pagan holidays
. Changed “Christian” holidays into secular holidays
. Put mocking images and cartoons of Jesus in News Papers
. Provoked Church Leaders in the hopes that they would in some way retaliate.
. Made a concerted effort to erase any belief in a supernatural interpretation of life.
. Brought about reforms that decreed that the word “God” must in the future be spelled with a lower case “g”.
. The sale of Christmas trees was strictly forbidden. This is and has been a common theme of atheist dictators everywhere they have existed. Just as Silverman and atheists in the United States are using the Red Cross and Boy Scouts of America as excuses to do the same.
. Changed the Christmas celebration to a wholly secular celebration
. Prayer in all public places and by all public officials was outlawed
. Christianity was to be reduced to a private and secret matter.
. To preserve atheist authority, childhood indoctrination was of utmost importance to Silverman – er, I mean to the Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin atheists.
. Churches could not use their property for any purposes but religious. They could not give charity to outsiders. If there had been a highschool football team eating a pre game meal in a Church, Russian atheists would have stopped it.
. Religious symbols were banned from public buildings.
. Religious processions and open-air services were banned.
. Private religious schools and all public funding of private religious schools was ended.
. Teachers were instructed to teach children that God and Christ were equivalent to mythological figures, ghosts and fairies.
. People should be told that Churches were hoarding wealth instead of giving it to the poor.
. Russian atheist leaders never relented in trying to drive the very idea of God out of the public's mind.
. They never relented to implementing and wholly materialist, scientistic consciousness in the minds of society.
. They knew that if they could control the schools and youth movements, they could get rid of unwanted beliefs in a generation or two.
. Atheist leaders taught that those who refused to allow the morals and faith of their children to be undermined were actually abusing the minds of their children.

Sound familiar? Will atheists in North America follow their leaders like sheeple into another atheist social experiment?

One of Lenin's great achievements, in my opinion, is to create a secular Russia.”
Christopher Hitchens

And as Greta xtina says, “We’re working towards a world where it (religion) no longer exists.”

The self-delusion that the progress of man-kind simply needs to have the right leader to bring about a utopia on earth, an atheist driven utopia on earth, continues to this day. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that a human created utopia will never happen. 
Jesus the Christ and His message stands firmly in the road of the atheist wish-fulfilment and THAT is what atheists cannot and will not tolerate.

Jesus came to counter our culture. He came to right our faulty thinking. He came to earth in the lowliest form to lead us home, to a home free from totalitarian rule, to a home free from the concept of might makes right.

Merry Christmas
God Bless
Happy Holy Days


  1. Ring a bell u ask? Not at all regarding that 1 line where u put my name...
    The rest does sound familiar. Most of it is the same paranoid, misunderstanding, unintelligent rethoric you always use... you simply cannot not lie.

  2. “Rather it was a faith in Human ability”

    “What I was referring to is the general long-term stats on murder, violent crimes or theft for example, since these crimes are much easier to avoid and criminals are easier to catch due to technological advancement, better identification of mental diseases, etc....
    However, I am not too worried about any incoming economic melt-down. The recent house market crisis showed that we are not in the 20s anymore, thankfully. We have the tools to prevent depressions.”

    How about that? Does THAT faith in human ability sound familiar?

  3. Yes, the quote seems familiar of course. I don't usually forget what I wrote a few days before...

    What's wrong with the quote?

    What's the link with the actual FULL context pasted below?

    For example Russian atheist leaders:
    . Attempted to create a society that was the opposite of a faith in God. Rather it was a faith in Human ability. Ring a bell Hugo?

    Why do you go to such extreme as 'faith in God' vs 'faith in Human ability'?

    Do you really think that people who have faith in a god disagree with me?

  4. Re-reading...

    What's wrong with having CONFIDENCE regarding certain FACTS of REALITY and their likely outcome? If you call that faith, you are really mistaken, but I would ask you, what's wrong with having that kind of faith in humanity? Do you hate humanity that much?

  5. We can do a lot of things Hugo (exploring space, genetic manipulation), but healing our relationships, ridding ourselves of corruption and greed and selfishness are not part of our character makeup. And that is what makes humanity tragic - in my eyes. We can do everything but save ourselves from the propensity to destroy ourselves.