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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Faith in Humankind

 How the materialists like to jeer at the naive faith of the Christian. Of course, from our side of the fence, we Christians stand amazed at the materialist intellectual's gullible willingness to believe anything but God. To take partial evidence and draw conclusions that match their desires seems as easy to an atheist as falling off a piece of cake ;-)
The biggest fable that materialists believe is that humans can create a civilization of equality, peace, love, truth, and progress in love toward one another.
Today's neo Stalinists are identical to those in 20th century Russia. It was those who prided themselves on being unencumbered with superstition, those who viewed religion as a feature of the childhood, who fell for this fable in the tens of thousand. The more educated they were, the more likely they were to be fooled. 

It's no different today.

While all of these atheists are sure there is no heaven, the reality of the world around us is causing a few to fear that there may be no earthly paradise either. 

Most however continue ignore all previous failures at human utopia building.

Every day and in every way we're getting better and better.”

Belief in this fable may not offer modern day followers of Trotsky great happiness, but their faith does allow them to feel superior to their neighbours. They continue to slander the kingdom of heaven while praising the fanciful utopias of man.
Did this scientific, anti God societal experiment produce good people. Did atheists in Russia create a good society? No one that I know thinks so. Instead, Russia has gone from a police state in the 20th century to a state or organised crime in the 21st.
Today's North American atheists point to semi secular nations (now known for organised drug distribution, prostitution and at-home delivery of death), not even one generation removed from a Christian base, and think that this is what an atheist utopia would resemble, sans Christianity of course. Not so. Any nation without a majority of Christian citizens, without a Christian moral bases for its laws and leaders to follow will – must – become totalitarian to keep it from sliding into anarchy and self-destruction. 

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