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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why Do Atheists Hide Their Freedom?

Oh sure, there was that survey that showed atheists felt much less guilt than do Christians while engaging in casual sex with serial partners or prostitutes. But generally, atheists are surprisingly quite about the freedom from moral restraints that they experience. One sect of atheists talk about Freedom from Religion, but you rarely hear them tell of the benefits that freedom brings to them.
I do remember one atheist blog where the Header said something like, “So long Christianity and thanks for all the guilt.” That sounds like he's experiencing a breath of fresh air, so to speak. This would be especially true for atheists who live in countries where Christianity still exerts significant influence. For that is where the atheist's “freedom” should shine most clearly. They are, after all supposedly free from any objective or absolute moral bond, while their Christian neighbours are not. 
So why are atheists so quite about this? Usually when people experience liberation of any type there is dancing in the streets.
Strangely enough atheists rarely celebrate this freedom and in fact there is almost a state of anarchy among the atheist ranks as one group attempts to impose its own set of moral strictures on the rest of the atheist population. There's confusion and a lack of direction. It's as though as long as God Himself exists there isn't any peace in the atheist's life.
If atheists are happy about their freedom from God-given-morality they sure aren't happy in a way that the public would be able to notice. After all, wouldn't this be a huge selling point, especially at a time in history when playing the numbers game (“We've got more than you do.”) seems so very important to atheists?
Surely atheists understand that if Jesus never came to earth to accomplish what He said He would accomplish, then they are the freest people on the planet.
They do understand this - don't they?
. Could it be that if they admit how happy they are that in atheist-world objective right and wrong don't exist, in reality they are really admitting their motive for rejecting Creator God?
. Could it be that they fear exposing that their denial of God's existence is not free from personal bias or desire?
. Could it be that they'll be forced to admit that the scientific method is not the driving force for pretending that Creator God does not exist? That instead they simply want to be free to do what they want?
Thankfully, in reality, Jesus, God the Son came to earth not to condemn us but to bring us the truth of His existence and the forgiveness of our sins. This is the Truth that sets us free.
Merry Christmas
God Bless
Happy Holy Days

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