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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Loophole For Our Time

Have you noticed how hard it is to forgive? Have you noticed how hard it is to love your enemy, or even to love the person you're married to? Not to worry. There a way around it. There’s a loophole created just for you.

It’s called tolerance.

Tolerance isn’t love.

And it certainly isn’t forgiveness.

Tolerance is better than both love and forgiveness because unlike either of these, tolerance doesn’t cost you anything. At least not very much.

Tolerance says, “Go ahead. Do your own thing and I’ll just look the other way.”

Of course tolerance is better than harming you or discriminating against you in some way, but it’s most definitely not love.

Love takes the time and effort to get to know you, even as I disagree with what you’re doing.
Love causes me to seek what’s best for you even while I disagree with your lifestyle or belief system.

It was love that caused your Creator and mine to come to earth and live in the very filth and sin for which His own wrath would cause Him to pay His own penalty.

As Rob Bell has so famously said, “Love Wins!”

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