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Friday, April 1, 2011

That’s a Bad Story!

It’s funny when listening to atheists as they point out story after story in the Bible and say, “That’s wrong! What Noah did was wrong. What Moses did was wrong. Did you see how Abraham lied about his wife? That’s wrong. Oh gross. How could Lot even think of doing such a thing?”


It’s just as though atheists think that we should be able to comb through the Bible for saintly and virtuous lives to pattern our own lives after. Good luck with that. The accounts in the Bible are much like listening to the News. It’s about what humans do naturally.

The Bible is a Book about human failure and God’s redemptive plan.

In fact, if you start with Adam and Eve, Cain and Able and work your way through the account of Biblical “heroes” you’d have a pretty average Christian congregation. Liars and cheats, murderers and adulterers - lots of adulterers, a sprinkling of drunks and prostitutes, con men, cowards and traitors, rich and poor, brilliant and intellectually vacant. Now it’s true that most of these people are sincerely trying to get their spiritual lives on track. And it’s true, there are some righteous people in every congregation, righteous both from a worldly and a heavenly perspective. Churches though, are generally filled to the rafters with those who desperately need a spiritual doctor and for atheists to expect otherwise is foolhardy.

If you’re looking for an example to follow in the Bible, or in the Church, there is only One character that you could trust your life with and that is Jesus.

Jesus is the only One who you can live by His words, “Follow Me,” and come out on the other side with your life the better for having done so.

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