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Friday, January 11, 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude

Atheists don’t understand that if we Christians do something to help others, it is not to get something good nor to avoid something bad. Any goodness that Christians live out, first of all comes from Jesus’ Spirit which rises up within us an attitude of gratitude.
When we come to realize that however unworthy we may be, we can still be saved by God’s grace and mercy through Jesus’ sacrifice, the thought takes form that “How can I not live the rest of my life for my Saviour? How can I not love Him and serve Him with all of my heart and soul, mind and strength?
The fact is, in my pre Christian state, I have broken His commandments, I rejected His Lordship, I refused His offer of salvation. I am therefore in His debt. I owe Him more than I’ll ever be able to pay in an infinite number of lifetimes.
As a Christian, I owe God nothing. Jesus has paid it all. He deserves my love. He has poured out of His great storehouse vast and immeasurable amounts of grace and mercy upon me. He deserves my eternal allegiance.
Jesus cried out as He paid my debt, “It is finished.” God is not going to ask for a debt payment that has already been paid. Jesus has paid absolutely that debt of Divine justice. The account is settled.
And for that I am utterly grateful.

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