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where moth and rust cannot destroy and thieves cannot break in and steal

Friday, January 18, 2013

The religious impulse is summed up in the kiss of Judas
How we live our lives suggests that we are fundamentally opposed to Jesus and His teaching, but we will nevertheless use Him for financial gain and to fulfil our own agenda while externally displaying terms of endearment.”
David Hayward

No wonder the secular world gags on our witness.

. People with no personal worship life think they can teach others about worshipping God.
. People who feel little or no gratitude tell others to be thankful.
. People who are governed by pride speak of the importance of humility.
. People who have no relationship with Jesus try to tell others of salvation.

You wouldn't reject Mozart as a composer because of how I play his music. Don't be so foolish as to reject Jesus because of my behaviours.
It's almost impossible to listen to the News any day without the word “corruption” being used multiple times to describe human nature. 
To follow Jesus will never make you perfect. 
To follow Jesus will allow for the forgiveness of real sin, and free you from real guilt.
Take the offer while it's still available.

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