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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Symptoms of Infection

Yesterday I posted "All Atheists Are Infected" regarding their apparent need to blame Christians for the world's problems.

So serious is their hatred of Christianity that atheists will even invent Christians to blame for violence that happens. Just a couple of examples:

. Do you remember Anders Breivik? He was a Norwegian goof who set off bombs and shot numerous young people. It was a horrific crime. So who do you think atheists would accuse of committing such violence? Why, Christians of course. Newspapers, Blogs, Tweets and Texts – thousands of atheist messages from across Norway and around the world claimed that Breivik was a Christian Fundamentalist.

Was there enough evidence for atheists to draw this conclusion?
More than enough.

You see, Breivik had posted two comments on a Christian Fundamentalist blog.

So what's the problem? Doesn't that make Breivik and obvious Christian? 

Mmm, no. 

For starters Breivik is a Freemason. Google the relationship between Christianity and Freemasonry. We consider it an anti-Christian cult. Freemasons can't even become members of a Christian Church. Some Fundamentalist that Breivik – eh? He was also a supporter of the gay agenda. Again, a Christian Fundamentalist? Hardly. He wasn't a member of any congregation and in fact Breivik identified himself as more of a “spiritual” person than anything resembling a follower of Jesus.

Nevertheless, within days of the attack atheists around the world had worked themselves into a frenzy about this Fundamentalist Christian bringing down yet another typical act of Christian violence on the world.

Here's another example of atheists inventing Christians to hate.
. Do you remember Timothy McVeigh? Another bomb. Almost a thousand killed or injured. Was it the act of a Christian? Apparently that conclusion depends on your world-view. Even though McVeigh self-identified as an atheist, and wrote about his hated for the Christian concept of God, the press and those on atheist blogs immediately accused “another white-supremacist Christian” of the carnage.

This, regarding the man who said, “Science is my religion.”
This, from a man who said he had no fear of hell because such a place didn't exist.

Doesn't sound like something a Christian would say, but that doesn't get in the way of rabid atheists looking to take down a group who base their lives on the most peaceful world-view to ever exist.

Since September 11, 2001, Muslims have perpetrated upon the world more than 17,000 terrorist attacks. And what do atheists say?
(Christians evangelise) like they are living herpes that have only the primal urge to spread and infect.
Atheist blogger Chelsea Hoffman

Yep, “Religion poisons everything.”

And why should we believe what atheists say? Because, if you can believe atheists, they all have IQ's over a million and intelligent people never make mistakes. Right?

Never could atheists admit that it is we - humans - who poison religion.
Never could atheists admit that it is we - humans - who poison everything. 
Never could atheists admit that it is we - humans - who bring down violence upon ourselves.

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