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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do You Know What Happens?

When an atheist is complaining how God (I know, there's no consistency to what atheists think) isn't running the world the way that the atheist thinks He should, it's important to ask that person how s/he would run the world if s/he was God. Do you know why it's important? Because the only answer that the atheist can give is to say that our Creator should have created us as robots. So true is that statement that I've encountered a couple atheists who said they'd actually prefer to be robots. These two atheists said they wished that God had created us as robots so that humans would no longer perpetrate violence against one another. In their minds God should have just programmed us to be good. I find this absolutely fascinating and wish I could spend some time with these two people.
Think about it! To want to not have freewill, is to want to not be human, for it is surely freewill in concert with the ability to reason that separates us from the other animals on this planet, animals who operate only by instinct. And as far as quality of life goes, even lower animals are infinitely better off than Robots. It boggles the mind that atheists exist who not only want to be robots, but God's robots no less. Who can understand the mind of the atheist?
The irony here is that atheists, those who perceive themselves to be the most rational among us, would also lose the concept of rationality. On a determinism that is unique to robots, that loss would be exponentially beyond the determinism to which atheists are now implicitly committed. This is because at the very least, rationality requires the ability for discernment, reasoning and powers of argument. If we are causally determined to think and act as we do then the conclusions we reach are also determined by the same causal laws of the world that are working in combination with our physiology.

That's what atheists leaders mean when they say that the “I” or “consciousness” or “free-will” do not exist. That's what they mean when they say that once computers are sophisticated enough (machines programmed by us) those computers will appear to possess consciousness. 

On determinism, our conclusions are not the result of reason or rationality but of the chemical makeup of our brains at that given moment. How much more so for those who are created to be “good” to others.

I suppose that atheists could point to their irrational, incoherent belief system as proof that we really are controlled by determinism? Nevertheless, people who believe they live in a natural deterministic universe, and who express outrage over the behaviours of another person or community should be seen as rather emotionally unbalanced individuals.

Now, recall the atheists I mentioned that would rather be robots incapable of doing wrong. They'd rather be robots than humans because they recognize the truth that humans can exercise freewill and therefore can potentially inflict excessive harm on other humans. Both of these atheists said that being created robots would allow them to be morally responsible beings.

This is incorrect.
There is no morality or virtue without a freewill choice to not be moral or virtuous.
Actions have no moral value when there is no choice to do anything other than the “right” thing.

Without freedom to choose right from wrong, good from bad, we cease to be human beings.
It's one or the other.
We are either created human, or we lose freewill.
We are either created human or we lose the ability to be morally good.

Atheists accuse God of creating evil, yet Evil is simply the choice to misuse our free-will. Or, if you like, evil is the choice to use our free-will in a manner that our Creator has prohibited. What's more, just because the option of evil exists doesn't mean that we have to choose it. Atheists of course say, “I don't need God in order to be a good person.” The next question to ask is, “So why aren't you a good person? You don't even live up to your own moral code let alone that of your Creator.”

Through our faith in Jesus, God will remove the dominion that sin holds over us in our natural state. Is that the right way to go about achieving His goal? Could there have been a better way? Well, we don't have a complete, clear and concise picture of what that goal is but, God obviously decided that it was worth the risk to give us that option in order to achieve the ends that He has in mind. Your Creator isn't asking you to like that plan, but remember:

One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Because God is all powerful, He CAN rid the universe of evil.
Because God is all good, He WILL rid the universe of evil.
Yes, there is still evil present in the universe. Nevertheless – at the end of history,
God CAN and WILL rid the universe of evil, and all those who side with evil against their Creator will be banished for eternity.
He promised to do that and He showed us His bloodied corpse as a deposit and guarantee that He will fulfil that promise. 

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