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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Atheist Study Finally Explains Jesus' Teaching

I can't help but smile. Atheist blogs are declaring the amazing finding of a “study.” Here's the conclusion: Atheists are more likely to exist in those societies where our basic needs are met.

That's it.

Rich people are much more likely to ignore their need for God than are poor people. If the tone of atheist blogs is any indication, that conclusion appears to strike atheists as profound. Perhaps it is profound. It's just that the same judgement was rendered -
a) by a guy that atheists despise and desperately try to ignore, AND
b) it was recorded in what atheists mock and ridicule as a bronze age Book that was written by ignorant camel herders.

Here's what this guy said 2,000 years before atheists came to the same conclusion. “I tell you the truth, it is easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”

Have you ever wondered why Jesus would say that? There are two reasons. The Study only deals with one of them in an abstract form.
First – No one comes to Jesus without God drawing that person. What's more, no one comes to heaven without first coming by way of Jesus.
Second – Our corrupt human nature compels us to look everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE except to our Creator for our sense of security and belonging, for our sense of value and worth. And the first place that we look for these things is to money and the security it pretends to give.

Those who are poor have no illusions that this world has the answer to our deepest needs. The reason that prostitutes, drunks, thieves (both street level and high rollers) and others who live on the fringes of society flock to Jesus (both then and now), is that they know without doubt that happiness is not tied up in things. They know at a fundamental level that our most important longings run much, much deeper than what possessions or power, or looks or relationships or mood altering chemicals, or intelligence or education, or (       ) can touch.

The rest of us however simply cannot shake the pseudo logic that we, on our own, can solve our innermost problems. We're even so foolish as to think that money will lead us to peace and happiness.

Well yes, I know it didn't work for those people, but for me it'll be different.”

Another thing this study shows is that declaring oneself to be a atheist has nothing at all to do with so called “evidence” or the perceived lack thereof. Evidence wasn't required thousands of years ago for people to deny the existence of Creator God and it isn't required today. Becoming an atheist has everything to do with the delusion of thinking that you are the captain of your fate, and the master of your soul. Material wealth simply allows that line of thinking to exist.

As God has warned, “I will send a great delusion to those who choose to reject Me.”

So, let the atheists go their own way. Let them live, smug in the satisfaction that a study has shown us that the fastest way to forget about our Creator is to provide ourselves with food, clothing and shelter and medical care, and boats and cars and winter vacations and houses with three or four car garages and a cabin at the lake and ATV's and tv's and computers and recreational drugs – LOTS of recreational drugs and casual sex and porn, and sporting events – LOTS of sporting events and serial marriages and mind numbing sitcoms and busyness – being busy is very important and religion and “Causes” and, well, what amounts to one distraction after another.

Image how intelligent atheists must be to figure out, 2,000 years after camel herders declared it, that those things induce us to ignore our Creator. 

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