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Thursday, September 5, 2013

John Kerry Is A Liar?

Moderates! Not extremists but moderates are eager to take over power in Syria. All we have to do is bomb the crap out of Syria and moderates eager for democracy will take over. That's what John Kerry says.

Putin calls Kerry a liar.
That's not necessarily true.
Kerry may be that stupid.

Or he may really, really, really want to keep his job, so he just says what he's told to say and does what he's told to do – “Make a case for war.” Because it's worked so well in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

As I said in an earlier post; one that is a joke with all too much truth to it.
In the atavistic and imperious thinking of U.S. policy makers, if the U.S. wants other nations to know that it will kill people when its national interests are at stake, then the U.S. must kill people when its national interests are not at stake.


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