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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pray And Then Give Up

Do you do that? Are your prayers just words spoken into the void? Or do you, like those in the Bible, have this unerring sense of God's reality?

The fact is, we worship the same God that revealed Himself to them; He does not change, He will not leave us and He will not give up on us. When we bring our needs before Him, Creator God longs to bless us. Here's an example.

All our children are special needs, but one son in particular is so much like – well – he's very much like Forrest Gump. He's kind and gentle and completely ignored because his intellectual handicap makes him too different to be accepted. This son, who is basically a five-year-old in the body of a thirteen-year-old is moving into “the high-school” this year.

New building. New class room. New everything.

I've had to confess to God that I was allowing my fears for his safety to dominate my thoughts. Rather than “cast all your anxieties upon Him because He cares about you,” I was carrying a load that was not meant for me.

Long story shorter, a week ago I gave this junk to God. Thanked Him for taking care of R. and sat back to see what would happen.

Nothing. At least nothing obvious.

Until this morning – first day of class – when another kid who is also new to the school, who is going to be in the same class as my son, and who is just as afraid of this day as is my son, phoned to ask if R. would ride to school with him.

And then, in an age when getting a Special Ed teacher requires a handicap so severe that s/he is doing little more than baby sitting, his Special Ed teacher emailed to say she would like to meet with us as soon as possible.

Pray and then give up? No, present your requests to God and then watch Him go to work.

Thank you Jesus – for your mercy, love and kindness.

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