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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What a Coward!

I remember when it came time to leave one way of life in order to join a new way of life. The old group included copious amounts of drugs, guns and perversions of every type. 
The new group was more than willing to include those from my old group into it. My old group was WAY too paranoid to allow straight people to hang around.
I had to choose.
In fact, my wife, who had already become a Christian a year before said, “You’ve to choose, Rod. We can’t have a foot in both camps. I knew she was right. I knew that Jesus was right. 
I was willing to do a lot for my old friends. Going to hell for them was not going to be part of it.
Both groups offered friendship. The old group offered friendship if you were a clone.
Those who had become followers of Jesus recognized that all of us were as different as different could be. The only common denominator was that each and every one of us had been called by God, out of the world and into His Kingdom Family.
I was simply not willing to lose what God was offering to remain on good terms with those who hated God.
Sadly, it was a hard decision.

I was such a coward.

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