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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Once Is Not Enough

We seem to have an insatiable need for distractions; big, loud, intense. And when those are done we need bigger, louder and more intense distractions.

For those who live apart from Jesus, once is never enough. Without mood altering chemicals or physical thrills, life becomes too intense, too real. Something must be found to take the edge off. Eventually we burn out and settle for a deep, deep rut which we then label “Security / Stability.”

Happiness to the non Christian is something that comes from an external source. Lose the source and you lose the joy. Even for those who have an unlimited source of sensory distractions, once the satisfaction is gained, the gratification is forgotten.

That is simply not the case for those who are connected to Jesus in a healed and forgiven relationship. His ever-present Spirit imparts an enduring peace to our souls. A peace that is not dependent upon circumstance. Jesus' Spirit alone is a source of never ending peace.

I don't know how He works or what He does exactly. All I know is that with the presence of Jesus' Spirit, life takes on a newness, a brightness, an expectation of good that never disappoints. There is something profoundly satisfying when God chooses you for a friend. In fact in a mature relationship with Creator God, the verse, “Everything that is good, and everything that is perfect comes to us from the Creator of the universe, in whom their is no changing or shifting like shadows.” becomes a reality as sure and certain as tomorrow's rising sun.

I am blessed.

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