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Friday, November 12, 2010

Here’s Why Christianity Is Not Real

The apostle Paul takes the most important part of Christianity and says, if this is not real, if this didn’t happen then all of Christianity is false.
You know why Paul didn’t mind making that claim? Because he knew, beyond a shadow of doubt that the resurrection did happen. And then he lists over 500 OTHER people who, with their own eyes saw Jesus alive after He was crucified and buried and he says, “If you don’t believe me, go and ask them. Most of them are still alive.”

The resurrection took place right there in Jerusalem, the site of Jesus’ murder.

. The tomb was empty.
. The disciples came out of 40+ days of hiding and boldly proclaimed what they saw.
. The sceptic and brother of Jesus, as did Jesus whole family became followers and worshippers of Jesus as Lord and Messiah.
. The sceptic and Christian killer, Paul became a follower of Jesus.
. The Christian Church was born.

All of this because of the factual reality of the resurrection.

These people, including Jesus’ brothers and sisters and mother, His closest followers plus several hundred others were so certain that they saw Jesus, listened to Jesus, hugged Jesus and ate with Jesus, that they went to their deaths, refusing to recant their claim that Jesus the Christ was risen indeed.

Atheists would like you to believe that all religions are basically the same. This is simply not true and Christianity is the reason why.

Using historical / forensic science we can KNOW that Christianity is true. Christianity is completely unlike other religions because unlike other religions Christianity is anchored in history.

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  1. Actually the true real names of the gospels (authors) are unknown, the name Paul is of english origin, not of middle eastern origin, nor is Mary, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, all of english origin, applied to the gospels later which were composed 20-100 years after jesus' supposed death.

    Paul/(false name) never physically saw jesus, he only had a vision of him supposedly!

    Of the 500 witnesses, name one name of the 500, you can not, you might as well say 5 million witnesses, you cannot provide a single name nor proof.

    Even after what all the apostles wrote about an after life, yet not one has come back and said, "See I told you so, what I wrote is true."