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Sunday, November 21, 2010

That's Not Fair!

In an article from an Al Qaida magazine, "The article also directs a message at U.S. President Barack Obama and points out that terrorists had addressed the parcel bombs to synagogues "in Chicago, Obama's city." "We have struck against your aircrafts twice within one year," Inspire writes, "and we will continue di?recting our blows towards your interests and the interests of your allies."

Ahh - don't these guys know that Obama and millions of atheists and pagans believe, or at least desperately want to believe that if we just talk nice to Muslims they're supposed to start to be nice back? Surely they'll ignore what the Qu'ran demands regarding world domination if we just suck up to them - No?

After all, appeasement has worked with every totalitarian movement in the past.

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