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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stop The Body Scans!

“Stop them. Stop them now. They’re bad. They’re awful. They’re indecent!”

This just in from CNN. A Muslim terrorist from Pakistan with C4 duct-taped to his scrotum has brought down an airliner over . . .

“Oh this is terrible! Why weren’t there body scans? Who’s responsible for stopping body scans? You should have MADE us go through body scans!!!”


  1. Did you make that up?

    Regardless of it being true or not, what's the point anyway?

  2. His point is that he believes that people would change their tune about body scans if something happened that the scans could have prevented.

    But that all hinges on whether the scans could have prevented it. Since most people know of the scans now, I'm sure that if the terrorists still want to do something with planes they'll find a way around it.

  3. Hey, I don’t get the point of this post either. First it seems to imply that there was a big fuss about the body scans, right? I did not hear about that and certainly did not SEE that. I travel a lot for work and several airports worldwide have these now. Nowhere did I see any complaints about it. Oh sure, I did hear a few random people on the news complaining that they could be dangerous (complete rubbish) but that’s the media doing what they do best as usual... entertainment.
    Second, to go back to airports, the thing is that these new body scans are not some extraordinary devices that do much more than what was done before. What you probably don’t know is that body scans only replace the random manual search process that was already done. Instead of a manual search we are now asked if we want the body scan instead. That’s it.
    In other words, they are not used on everybody and not more often than the random searches that have been done for years... so if a terrorist could have passed before the body scan he could pass after, and vice versa. The only advantage of the machines is that they are freaking fast and avoid people (mostly women) who are uncomfortable with a public manual search to have to be taken to a separate room...
    I had a few religious questions that I wanted to ask too but I don’t have the time!! so I’ll come back later... cheers!

  4. "Since most people (terrorists) know of the scans now"

    And when they know that scans AREN'T being used at all because people made too big a fuss?

  5. "And when they know that scans AREN'T being used at all because people made too big a fuss?"

    So.... ? What does it change!?!?

    You're paranoid dude! LOOOL

  6. And your plan for keeping air passengers as safe as possible is?