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Thursday, November 18, 2010

“I Love The Way It Hurts”

“I Love The Way It Hurts” “I love the way you lie.” Rihanna.

How desperately dysfunctional must WE be, as a society, to celebrate, glorify and esteem someone who is that broken in soul and in mind that she really does love (she'll return again and again and again) the kind of relationships where lying and hurting takes place?

Incoherent dreams.

Dead end illusions of what it means to have a good life.

Distorted images of self-destructive habits pushed off on the ignorant who long to be like their idols - their literal idols.

Shows like Springer and Maury actually draw viewers - the fact that they can find even one person who wants to be part of the audience is tragic - to find a whole studio filled with young adults hooting and howling with laughter at the worst sins our species has to offer just breaks my heart. Fifty years ago this kind of crap would have been clearly identified as evil and destructive to self and to society. Now, under the moral guidance of those who deny the existence of their Creator, people just aren't sure anymore.

So lost are these morally bankrupt individuals that they have given up any hope of discovering truth or any pursuit of goodness - save that of their own definition. Unfulfilled desires and destructive serial relationships are the norm for a greater and greater percentage of our population. These attitudes are even starting to infect the Church.

A Pastor runs the risk of having parishioners leave the Church if he should call attention to their living together or divorce and remarriage. These people fully expect good to happen to them even in the absence of obedience to what God says is right and healthy. They somehow don’t know that good outcomes cannot come from wrong actions.

This type of incoherence used to be the sole domain of the secular pagan world. Sadly, it has come inside to where sinners no longer approach Jesus for forgiveness. Instead, sinners approach Jesus, expecting Him to bless their sins.

Somehow these people have never understood or somehow forgotten that Jesus’ yoke is light and easy. Obeying Jesus is not an onerous task. Jesus will never bring you to a point where you have to enjoy relational pain, or accept rejection and lies as normal.

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