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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reading is Feeding

Have you ever seen the eyes of someone who has been without food for a long time. Sunken, vacant, staring, drained of life. Our body needs to be refuelled on a regular basis. So does our spirit / soul.
We refuel our soul by feeding upon God’s Words. We nourish our spirit by listening to someone who is close to God explain a passage. We energize our relationship with our Creator by remembering what He did for us on the night He was betrayed.
Without a regular feeding, our eyes show the same signs of starvation, this time spiritual starvation. Lady Gaga says that when she isn’t performing she “feels dead.” But even when she is performing the smell of spiritual death oozes from every pore.
The fact is, Christians cannot progress in goodness without a daily input of God’s Word. Oh sure, people can strive for goodness without the Bible, but it’s all pretence. A show where all goodness is performed to manipulate and control the impression of others and even of self.
Without a steady input of renewal we who believe will falter under the constant assault of hell or even under the severe mercies of heaven. Woe to the tree that is not firmly rooted when the storms of life pass by. Any dead or dying limb will simply snap off. We too must be filled with the sap of our Saviour’s nourishment or risk being torn up by the root.

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