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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sex Over Eighty

Have you noticed? For atheists, the absence of what they call material evidence for the existence of Creator God, is in their minds evidence for the absence of an immaterial Creator God.


While trying to destroy the faith of others, modern atheists constantly confuse “evidence” with “proof.” It's sad and not fit for those who chant the mantra of "I'm a Bright, and you're not!"

As, W.L. Craig points out:
God is the best explanation of why anything at all exists
God is the best explanation of the origin of the universe
God is the best explanation of the applicability of mathematics to the physical world.
God is the best explanation of the fine tuning of the universe for intelligent life.
God is the best explanation of intentional states of consciousness.
God is the best explanation of objective moral values, duties.
God is the best explanation of the historical fact of Jesus of Nazareth.
God is the best explanation of the fact that God can be personally known and experienced.
The reason that atheists are never able to articulate what evidence they would find acceptable, is because there isn't any evidence that they would accept. If a mathematically precise, life sustaining, moral universe that came into being out of literally nothing material isn't good enough, then there isn't anything, ANYTHING that would do the trick.
Oh, and about sex over 80? It is not recommended. Preferably find a rest-stop. Or at least pull over to the shoulder and put on your hazard warning lights.


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