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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Echo Chamber of Blog Loftus

In the comments section of his latest post, I asked John Loftus if any of his books, including his new book, explains the circumstances regarding his leaving his last congregation, and how the event led to the breakdown of his marriage. 

I also asked if he understood how the subsequent venting of his fury toward Christianity, and God Himself was related to John being held accountable for his actions. 

Since the events that I'm referring to are only available to me through hear-say, I'd like to hear from John himself what took place. Atheists are people eager to demonstrate integrity. At the very least I thought this would be material that would sell books.
I would certainly buy a book that honestly explained his journey.

Apparently his blog is only a vehicle for printing salutations of praise for a man still asking for donations from people to support him.

My comment was only visible for an hour or so before being removed.
Can you imagine? 
He says I'm not allowed to comment on his blog anymore.  
How am I to survive such a loss?

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