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Thursday, February 21, 2013

They Rode Off In All Directions at Once

As long as atheists think they’re in control, they find the Christian paradigm of salvation rather amusing. It’s something to toy with. The thought that they might be resisting their Creator makes atheists feel powerful, independent, even noble. However, once they find out that they are merely doing what their Creator has ordained for them, they scatter like deer before a pack of wolves. They run off in all directions at once.
Reality is, we are incapable of finding salvation on our own. Salvation and forgiveness of sins is from our Creator, from beginning to end.
No one is good. Not even one. Like sheep we have all gone astray.”
When it comes to salvation, it’s not just atheists who seem dumb as a post. On their own, sheep wander aimlessly without instinct, without any sense of home. Like sheep, we cannot find home without help from the Shepherd.
Like sheep, humans are unable to even know they are lost. Unless this state is revealed to us, humans have no idea that they are on their way to hell. Once their spiritual eyes have begun to open, our sin nature begins to kick in and our first impulse is to resist the call to come home.
Sin, in its initial state makes us feel powerful. It makes us feel in control. It makes us feel independent. That perception of independence couldn’t be further from the truth. As stated above, as long as we think that we’re in control of the game, jousting with our Creator is quite appealing. Once the truth sinks in, once atheists comprehend that their fate is sealed they scatter like cockroaches before a freshly lit light bulb. 

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