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Friday, February 8, 2013

So What's The Deal With Israel?

Lord, are you at this time going to restore the nation of Israel?”
It sounds as though these guys don’t have a clue.
Here is Jesus, He’s died, He was buried, He rose from the dead, after His resurrection He interacted with hundreds of people for almost two months, and these guys are STILL focused on the nation of Israel.
As it turns out, they aren’t nearly as dull as they might sound. The fact is, Israel IS the main point of the story. From Genesis to Revelation, the rise and development of the nation of Israel is a huge, huge part of what the Bible is about. It’s a huge part of why God created humanity.
Of course the salvation of the elect is a big deal.
Of course the punishment of those who are guilty of disobedience is a big deal.
But Israel, the nation, the people, their role in the “life” of God the Son this is at least as important as what we naturally think about when we read the Gospels. 

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