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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Atheists Try To Ignore Determinism

On atheism, determinism must be in control of our lives. There is no rational or logical alternative to that particular world-view. 

Yet atheists often borrow from reality as Christianity describes it, and live just as though we really do have free will. This despite what leaders in the atheist community have to say. For example:

In a deterministic universe, we understand that a criminal's career is not a matter of an unconditioned personal choice, but fully a function of a complex set of conditions, genetic and environmental, that interact to produce the offender and his proclivities. Had we been in his shoes in all respects, we too would have followed the same path, since there is no freely willing self that could have done otherwise as causality unfolds. There is no kernel of independent moral agency -- we are not, as philosopher Daniel Dennett puts it, "moral levitators" that rise above circumstances in our choices, including choices to rob, rape, or kill.”
Tom Clark, Director of the Center for Naturalism, in his article "Maximizing Liberty"

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