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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can We Trust the Bible?

The Bible is true in all that it affirms or teaches according to the author’s intended meaning.”

That says a lot. I believe that all of the Bible is true in what it says. But not all of what it says is easy to understand. The essentials are clear of course. No one will miss the offer of salvation because of some obscure verse(s).

Bottom line, Jesus is the “author” of the Bible, from beginning to end. A Christian, a believer, a follower of Jesus will believe what Jesus said about the Bible.

Jesus taught the Bible with confidence and based His entire ministry on fulfilling the words of the Bible. If Jesus says the Bible is trustworthy, then I believe what the Bible says because Jesus is trustworthy.

Jesus treated the historical portions of the Bible as historically accurate. 
Jesus treated the prophetic portions as prophetically accurate. 
Jesus treated the portions of the Bible that dealt with teaching as portions worth following. 
Jesus treated the spiritual portions as worth heeding if we want the kind of spiritual life that God says we must have.

Can we trust the Bible. Yes. We can trust the Bible because the words it speaks is the message that Jesus intends us to have as a revelation of Himself and His plan for the universe.

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