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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seeking to Please

Polite is good – right? 
Rude is bad – yes? 

People like Rob Bell know how to make sinners feel good – no doubt. For even if you have to go to hell – if it exists at all – it won't be for long.

That's what the Christian Leader Rob Bell says.

In fact, your time in hell will be just long enough to make you change your mind. It'll be just long enough for you to decide that when you said, “I'd rather stand in hell, than kneel in heaven,” you spoke in haste.

I wonder how many people he's convinced.

It's strange how we Christians will talk among ourselves about being saved by God. We were lost but Jesus chose us for salvation. And we'll shudder at verses like Romans 9:23 and think, “It could have been me.” But when we stand with non believers, it's like God's love will secure the salvation of everyone.

No rocking the boat please.

The desire to have the praise of people is a powerful thing.
The approval of God? Mmm not so much. Apparently.

We'll acknowledge among ourselves how great a gift is the gift of Grace. But let us get among the heathen and their attempts to describe their goodness and worthiness, and it's all head nodding and hmmm, maybe.

We know, in like company, that it's the Holy Spirit Who guides, counsels, comforts and corrects. But you don't hear so much about the greatest gift to our lives when we're out and about.


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