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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Better Than Uuuuu Are!

There are two type of rebellion against God. The first is very obvious. It goes something like, “Screw You!”

Whatever our Creator has said to do, this person does the opposite. It exists in various forms degrees of hedonism.

The other type of rebellion is much more subtle; it's much more destructive and dangerous – to the individual and to those around h/him. This type of rebellion is self-salvation. I'm going to be so good that God will be obligated to save my soul. I'll keep all the rules. I'll anticipate God's will and do it before He even asks. And most of all, I'll be a better person than all those other people that God has to put up with.

Both forms of rebellion are wrong of course, but they aren't equally wrong.

The first case contains the possibility of remorse and reconciliation. It has the potential of the person being forced to recognize how wrong s/he is and then asking for forgiveness.

The latter case stands almost no chance of the person recognizing that h/her behaviours are destructive to one's relationship with God. This is the person who is in danger of hearing from Jesus, “Get away from Me. I never knew you.”

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