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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spiritual or Religious

Ugh! I hate it when Christians nit pick over words. The Good News, the Gospel of Jesus, isn't religion, or a spirituality or even a non religion. It isn't morality or moralism or relativism. The Gospel that Jesus brought to us isn't about being conservative or liberal. The Gospel states plain and clear facts about our universe.
. Everyone is loved by Creator God.
. Everyone has sinned and is in a broken relationship with Creator God.
. Everyone is called to admit to our fallen nature and ask for forgiveness.

What we are tempted to do however, and by we I mean both Christians and those who have rejected Jesus, is to view life as a dichotomy.
We're in and they are out.
We are good and they're bad.
We're tolerant and they are not.
We are accepting and they are bigoted.
We are the solution and they are the problem.
We're open-minded and they're narrow or closed minded.

Jesus however, says that everyone is the problem and that He will accept those humble enough to admit to that reality. Those who admit that they suck at pretending to be good will be accepted. That's because knowing that you need forgiveness is a prerequisite for receiving forgiveness.

Those who are determined to continue the ruse that they're good people will be turned away from God. “The Lord despises and opposes the proud but He gives grace to the humble.”

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