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Thursday, October 24, 2013

What is this Evil (2)

Atheists of course use the presence of evil as "proof" that God Himself does not exist. A flow of logic has never been the strong suit of atheists. 
On the one hand, atheists rage that God does not judge evil and bring it to a halt according to their time frame.
On the other hand, when the knowledge strikes home that God will judge evil and bring it to a halt and that they along with evil will be forever removed from His kingdom, atheists rant and rage and pout like little children having a tantrum.

The presence of evil necessitates God’s justice. 
But God justice is not just handing out rewards and dispensing of punishment. 
God’s justice is restorative. 
God’s justice entails the complete defeat of evil and the removal from His kingdom of all those on the side of evil.
God’s plan for His creation, a plan interrupted by the intrusion of evil at our behest will take place and there is nothing that atheist or Islamic fundamentalists or anyone else can do about it.
Amazingly this restoration will be brought about by the nation of Israel (the apple of God’s eye) His only begotten Son Jesus the Christ, and those who believe in and follow Jesus and accept His forgiveness for the the evil in their lives. 

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  1. Applied Christian evil 101:

    The cruelty continues (even more so)

    Note the unspeakably vile sado-masochistic snuff/splatter movie being reviewed in the last reference.
    This is "good news"!